WeESG enters a new partnership

May 14, 2024
Lucca Tosto
2 mins read

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) to offer market-leading sustainability education to the global finance sector


Founded by former colleagues of CISL, WeESG provides market leading sustainable finance training and advisory services for the global finance sector. Our mission is to empower the global finance sector to successfully embrace sustainable finance. This includes providing direct support to inform and prepare the workforce of banks, investors, insurers, and their regulators, as well as corporates dependent on the new ‘rules’ of finance, for the transformative changes faced.


For over three decades, CISL has drawn upon leading academics, practitioners and innovators to help inform business strategy and inspire action through education. Through these partnerships they aim to continue inspiring global action towards sustainability leadership, drawing on innovative, engaging, and accessible new developments in the education landscape.

By combining CISL’s existing expertise in sustainability leadership change, with WeESG’s programmes on skills development in sustainable finance, this partnership will help to accelerate sustainable finance learning across all levels of the finance sector. It offers all our clients a new one-stop-shop for their entire sustainable finance training needs, from graduates through to Boards.

Find out more about WeESG’s sustainable finance training.
Find out more about CISL’s approach to sustainable finance.

“As the founders of WeESG first met working together at CISL’s Centre for Sustainable Finance, we are delighted to announce this strategic partnership that complements CISL’s world-class sustainability leadership programmes with our own sustainable finance skills development courses. By combining forces, we are now able to extend our reach, deepen our impact, and truly support the global finance sector proactively adapt to the risks and opportunities faced.”
Dr. Tom Herbstein, Co-Founder & Executive Director, WeESG

“It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our partnership with CISL. Our collaboration means we bring together the latest academic thinking and industry pragmatism to jointly offer highly customised, skills-based capacity building, covering a wide range of sustainable finance related themes with flexible delivery formats. With our comprehensive training for boards, senior management, staff and clients, we hope to equip financial institutions with the knowledge and tools to cohesively and confidently integrate sustainability into every layer of their decision making.”
Clarisse A. Simonek, Co-Founder & Executive Director, WeESG

“We are very pleased to be working with WeESG, who offer deep expertise on technical sustainable finance training. Itis a strong complement to CISL’s ongoing engagements with senior leadership teams and boards of financial institutions. The partnership enables us to produce a comprehensive suite of education offers to financial institutions  that are looking to holistically embed sustainability into their strategic and tactical decision making, as well as operational activities.”
Thomas Vergunst, Programme Director – Sustainable Finance, CISL

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