How we support change

While skills training is vital in preparing your workforce for the sustainability challenges ahead, many organisations require more immediate support to help them respond to the risks and opportunities faced from sustainable finance.


WeESG can help. We leverage our network of expert sustainable finance practitioners to provide the specialized input required. This helps our clients to embed the necessary skills, needed for the long term, today. Areas we support include:


  • Identifying and communicating sustainable finance strategies,
  • Undertaking GHG accounting and footprinting activities,
  • Delivering ESG reporting & disclosure,
  • Developing sustainability principles,
  • Implementing sustainable investment strategies.

Putting it into practice.

Supporting a major UK based technology VC to undertake a scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG assessment of its portfolio companies. The assessment also identified GHG reporting milestones along the portfolio company’s planned growth trajectory. The objective was to help the VC plan the pathway towards its net-zero targets and to communicate this effectively to its investors.

Delivered an industry-wide study on the role of insurance in supporting the growth of global renewable energy. The study drew on intelligence from stakeholders in finance and the energy sector to identify ways in which the client could support overcoming structural barriers in the industry and deliver the energy transition required.

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